The Truth About Flyboarding

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Flyboarding is one of the new, hip sports out there. If you’re not sure what flyboarding is, this is it:

Crazy and fun right?

The idea of “flying while on a board” to me screams “so much fun”. Although I do have an adventurous streak to me, I also get the antsy feeling of fear when I think about actually trying this sport.

Fast forward to my time in St. Maarten, where there was a chance to go flyboarding. I did not take it as I knew I wasn’t ready for it, but my husband did!

Adam knew he wanted to do this all along and even more so after one of his cousins did it. He is not one to chicken out, so I knew I’d get to watch him and get all the details too!


The Flyboard was invented by Franky Zapata in 2011. The cost of one goes for $6,600. The Flyboard is essentially a type of hoverboard that is fueled by a jet ski, or another type of watercraft.

Essentials for Flyboarding 

Adam went flyboarding with FlyBoard St. Maarten.

You will need to be at least 18 years of age and sign a Liability Form. You will received 15 minutes of instruction before you are able to take the Flyboard out with an instructor. Pay close attention as the Flyboard is not as easy as it looks. You want to be safe also, and not get hurt or injured due to lack of listening.

If you find flyboarding available elsewhere, make sure you receive training and safety information on it before operation and actual use.

Actual Flyboarding

Now when you are all ready to go, you put on your lifevest and get strapped into the Flyboard. Usually, you will get about 30 minutes if this is your first time. If you go multiple times, you can rent the Flyboard for longer as you get more practice.

Important – You WILL fall.

Getting up is no problem, it is staying upright and not falling that is hard! I watched Adam closeby from the ocean, and it is very hard to stay up. He got better and better as it got later and later into his lesson. He tried diving into the water which looked more like him smacking down face and chest first into the ocean water. Utimately, he ended up with bruises and a cut up nose from the water and reef.

*The instructors will take you in deep waters but beware, reef and coral may be out there.

Overall, he had a blast! The bruises and cuts were small and disappeared within 3 days. Watching him was entertaining also. Now I know how I can mentally prepare myself when I seriously want to try it. When that will actually be, I am not sure. I need to be ok with falling as much as he did first!

GPS Location: Simpson Bay, St. Maarten

Agency Agency: Flyboarding St. Maarten

Price Price: $90 and up

Website Website:

Have you gone flyboarding?

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  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but they have fly boarding here in Fiji at the Shangri La. It looks fun but the cost has put us off! Looks tricky as well. Still keen to try it though!

    1. Go for it! How much are they charging – over $100 for 1/2 hour?

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