What to Do in Anguilla When It Rains

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Anguilla is known for its sunny weather, but every now and again, rain must come.

If you are vacationing in Anguilla and happen to have a rainy day, there are some things you can do. Besides taking a dip into the ocean or staying indoors, these top recommendations will keep you entertained:

  1. Visit the Rainforest

 anguilla photoPhoto by troymckaskle

If you did not know Anguilla, has a rainforest – surprise! There is one. Grab a jacket or hat and go for a hike. There, you will find hilly roads surrounded by the lush greenery and fauna. To find the rainforest, get to Masara Resort. Enter the beach on foot and about 40 yards to your left, you will find the path.

2. Tour the Museums

anguilla museum photoPhoto by Internet Archive Book Images

If you are looking for an indoor activity, you can’t go wrong with visiting the museums of the island. There are two main museums to your. Visit The Heritage Museum to learn about the ancestors and history of the island. Sydney’s Antique Museum offers a spin where visitors can see local dishes being made at certain times.

3. Tons to do at Anacaona

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In Meads Bay, you will find the Anacaona Boutique Hotel. You do not have to be a guest to be on the premises. Tour the hotel grounds as you grab a cocktail and crafted meal at the Firefly restaurant. Visit the Art Gallery on site and best of all, catch live entertainment at the Cultural Entertainment Center of Anguilla.  There, you will find different events daily which include folklore, dancing, music, or hearing stories from the locals. This center is known for immersing tourists into the culture of Anguilla. If you enjoy shopping, don’t leave without stopping at the ZaZAA Boutique which has many fine pieces for sale. Depending on how badly the rain is coming down, check out the activities offered – a horseback riding tour may be in store for you!

Hotel Hotel: Anacoana Boutique Hotel

Price Price: $170 and up

GPS Location: Meads Bay, West End of Anguilla

4. Take a Historical Tour

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There are many tours you can sign up for in Anguilla, rain or shine.

Choose from culture tours in the day to meet locals, taste food, and ride around the island. Night tours begin at 9pm for nightlife and entertainment. These tours will show you secrets of the island you never knew and will never find out about online. Some secrets I learned from speaking with locals included: goats,  the Anguilla pepper, and the local fishing pools.

Agency Agency: Anguilla Access

5.View Local Art

 anguilla art photo

Photo by Mark Morgan Trinidad A

If you love visuals and having something to look at, then you can’t go wrong with the art galleries in Anguilla. Not all are mentioned here, but some notable galleries to visit include: Christine’s Art Gallery, Devonish Art Gallery, and Cheddie Richardson Carving Studio. Not only will your eyes be stimulated by all the beautiful pieces and stories that go with them, but you can find great souvenirs to bring back home.

Price Price: Free

What other places have you explored in Anguilla?