How to Get to St. Bart’s

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An island known for its French locals, expensive villas, romantic beaches, and celebrity spottings – St. Bart’s is where it’s at.

If you’ve wanted to visit this luxurious island, or try to eye a celeb on vacation, then you certainly can get there. Whether you choose to stay for a few days, or make a one day trip out of it, you can experience St. Bart’s with the rest of the world.

I ended up taking a day trip with the hubby and saw quite a lot in less than 24 hours. Don’t think that you need to stay overnight, especially if your budget is low. First, get yourself over to the Caribbean and then choose from the options below of how to get there. Then, stay tuned to find out what to see and do in St. Bart’s.

How to Get There


Boat Ferry: This is the least expensive way to visit St. Bart’s. Catch the ferry from the neighboring island of St. Maarten. There are two options:

  1. Boat From Philipsburg: The Great Bay Express offers round-trip ferry service for $80 USD per person, taxes included. If you stay for longer, then the trip is $100. Book online or at the ticket office. Personally, I booked online to ensure my seat as you never know how many people will be going. Also, it is $5 more at the ticket office when you book same day as the ferry. The ride is about 50 minutes over to St. Bart’s  and it comes with indoor seating, cushioned seats, refreshments, and  tray tables.
  2. Boat From Marigot: On the north side of St. Maarten is another ferry service, although it will be longer and more expensive. Depending on if your hotel is closer to this ferry, it may be easier than driving half way across the island to Philipsburg. The MV Voyager ferry takes about 75 minutes and costs 75 Euros. A nicer ferry, but a longer ride.
  3. BoatFrom Oyster Pond: This ride takes about 30 minutes and costs 64 Euros! The trick for getting this deal is to stay in a resort near Oyster Pond. If you are staying near Maho Beach, then the first two options are closer and you’ll spend less gas driving to those ferries rather than going to the mid-easterly part of the island.

Plane Plane: You can catch a  short 10 minute flight to St. Bart’s from St. Maarten.  This is the primary way most visitors enter. St. Maarten has over 15 airlines that fly into SXM Airport daily from North America, Europe, and within the Caribbean. There is a direct 50 minute flight from the island of Guadeloupe.

Once you arrive in St. Maarten, take Winnair or St. Barth Commuter for your flight to St. Bart’s. You can also take a private charter via the Commuter airline from Anguilla. This one is the most expensive but luxurious for 900-1000 Euros roundtrip. It is about a 15 minute flight. The Commuter also offers flights from Antigua which is  about 40 minutes long and costs 600 Euros roundtrip.

*Remember – Passports are needed in St. Bart’s as it is French territory!
Once you arrive in St. Bart’s, you will have many choices of things to do. You can grab a tourist map and rent an ATV to ride around various spots. If you know where you want to go, head straight there and enjoy yourself some fine dining. The island of St. Bart’s is very hilly which makes for great sightseeing. For more of a party feel, head to St. Jean Beach.

Stay tuned for more St. Bart’s adventures!

How did you visit St. Bart’s?