Snorkeling and Snacks at Mullet Bay Beach, St. Maarten

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A local beach I highly recommend you visit during your trip in St. Maarten is Mullet Bay.

Located only five minutes from Maho Beach, Mullet Bay Beach is more than triple the length in size and a favorite for locals to visit. Still close to the airport and Maho Village, tourists can easily find this beach for a day break or to take in the real St. Maarten culture of its residents. Here is how to get to Mullet Bay and what you will find there:

How to Get There

Mullet Bay Beach is located off a golf course.

Taxi Driving: Follow the main road (Rhine Rd.) from Maho Village  up north-west. There will be a golf course immediately past Maho Pharmacy when you exit the village. To your left, you will see entrances that are blocked with a bar. At about the third entrance, you will see a road that is not blocked. That is the entrance to the beach. Follow the road to the parking lot. It is free.

*If the lot is full, you will notice cars parking on Rhine Rd. Do so, but pull onto the grass so cars can pass through safely.

**If you are staying in Cupecoy Bay, follow Rhine Rd. to the south until you see the entrance on your right as you pass the golf course.

Locals & Food

There a quite a few food options once you enter the beach area. You will find Rosie’s Snack Bar selling a variety of fresh bbq-ed food, drinks, and snacks. Go for the punch and some tasty ribs. The food is actually made on barbecue pits set nearby. Bring cash – no credit cards are accepted at this time.


Further down the beach, you will find other similar food and drink shacks, all selling alcohol as well. It is no problem to take your drink out with you on the sand or into the water – all the locals do it. Just make sure you clean up after yourself and do not litter the beach or ocean! There are many garbage cans.

RestaurantBest Restaurant: Rosie’s Snack Bar

*Bathroom: There is one porter potty which is decent. No TP so snag napkins from the food stands to bring with you.

Many locals enjoy bringing their children here on the weekends. Others like to set up tents in the shade and huge speakers to blast music and dance. You can take a nice walk up the rocks to the left side of the beach. You will be one of plenty doing so,; wear shoes since it is slippery.

The Beach

The beach is clean and the water is clear. Grab your snorkels and you can see fish as you enter the beach right away. More hang out to the left and right ends of the beach near the rocks. You can snorkel the rocks on the south-east end and see many schools of fish. It is choppier on the north-west end where the caves are. They are shallow – be careful in that area if you decide to enter a cave.


Walk the beach from one end to the other. Engage with locals. Watch the planes headed towards Maho Beach. Takeoffs are better for viewing due to the hill separating the two beaches. Watch the sunset for the perfect westerly facing view.

Have you been to Mullet Bay Beach?