Finding Things to Do Near You Using Groupon

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Many of you have used, or at least heard of, Groupon. This global marketplace has been live since 2008 and it really has changed the way some of us purchase excursions and products in the community.

As a traveler, I always check Groupon for vacation packages and discounts on activities I would like to do in other countries. These may include a spa package, a show, concert etc.

One of the best features in Groupon is “Things to Do” under the “Local” section. “Local” refers to the location or destination you are personally at in the moment. You can set this up in the upper right hand corner of the website and change it as you travel or change neighborhoods. “Things to Do” refers to exactly what it states. At your current location, you can view Groupons on activities around or near you.

This is great for when you are home, on a stay-cation, at a desolate area, or if you are bored and trying to find something new to do. At “Things to Do”, you can find options that you may never have thought of before.

For example, if I were in Orlando right now, I would find mini-golf, a chocolate museum, and a shooting range package as some options. Back home in Brooklyn, a fishing trip, bike rentals, and a painting event.

Although I call myself a creative person, sometimes I need ideas from others. Staying active is important to me therefore I am always looking for things to do. With Groupon’s feature, you are bound to no longer have boring days wherever you are!

*This post is sponsored by Groupon. I have been using Groupon since it came out in 2008 and still use it. All opinions are my own.