Hiking: Five Essentials Items for a Day Trip

Photo by Moyan_Brenn

Hiking is one of the activities I enjoy. Whether it is out in the mountains, on cliffy beaches, or in a jungle, hiking is fun and it adds to a great workout.

On some hikes, I was prepared as ever and didn’t think I forgot to pack anything. On others, I wish I had brought or worn more comfortable items.

Day hikes are definitely more of what I prefer. If you are looking to do a day hike, pack these 5 items before you go:

Hiking shoes

By far the most important item you need for a hike is one for your feet. The correct hiking shoes will make or break your hike. Choose the right size and fit. Don’t go for the looks, even though now you can find pretty good looking hiking boots. Look at where you are hiking and if you need tougher wear for rainy swamps, dry climates, or steep terrains.


Always bring a backpack, even if it on the smaller side. It will not be in your way as a purse would be. Your essential items will go inside it and any extra things you may pack as precautionary.  Some backpackers or hikers prefer the biggest size when they are going for long treks. For a day hike, go for what is lightest and easiest.


Even if it is a dreary, dark day, bring sunglasses. You never know when the sun may come out or if it will become bright out. Your eyes are important and you do not want to be squinting. Also, sunglasses can help protect you from sunburn, bugs, and any debris or dust.

Water bottle

Do not ever go on a day hike without water. No matter how long or short, keep yourself hydrated. Hiking is strenuous and you will need replenishment. Keep a water bottle or multiple in your backpack to grab and go. Ones that have a drinking straw through a pocket are great.


Overall, you want to dress comfortably. Besides the right hiking shoes, cover yourself when on a hike. That means long pants and either a short sleeve shirt at best. Long sleeve shirts help protect against bug bites, cuts, and other hazards you may encounter. Short sleeve shirts help a backpack sit more comfortably on your shoulders. Also, you don’t want to be itching and picking at your clothes. Go for light fit and loose wear. Jeans are a big no-no.

What do you bring with you for a day hike? Do you agree with my essential items for a day hike?

*This post comes sponsored to you with Hi-Tec. All opinions are my own.