Fish Spa Experience in Iceland – So Tingly but Awesome!

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Some of you have seen or heard of “fish spas” before. Whether it may have been on TV, online, or from a friend, these fish spas are actually very common in Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, they are illegal in NY where I call home. Therefore, when I stumbled upon a sign in Iceland for one right down the block, I had to go!

The Fish Spa Iceland is located at Hverfisgata 98 101 Reykjavik. It is very easy to come across when you walk down the streets as there are posters and small billboards advertising it a few blocks away.

The spa is small, yet cozy. When I arrived with my husband, we decided to find out how much it was and go for it. As this was a few months ago, I remember it was VERY reasonably priced. I think we paid 40 Euros for both of us for 40 minutes – we negotiated a price.

The fish actually come from Turkey and Greece. They are called Garra Ruffa fish. How the spa works is that you put your feet into a clear water tank and the fish feed off your dead skin. The fish are very good at finding your most tingly spots (the nerve endings) so don’t be surprised if you are ticklish and end up laughing for the first 3 minutes! I could barely stop because I was so sensitive.

After a few minutes, it was so calming and I could not stop watching the fish. They would find all sorts of corners to go in. In between my toes, under my soles, even around my ankles they would swim and feed.

Overall, the experience was great, very funny, and it left my feet smooth! I would love to have stayed and have them feed off more but in 40 minutes, the job was done.

Have you gone to a fish spa? Where and how was it?