A Day Hike to Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland

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Gullfoss is a do-not-miss stop when you visit Iceland. Perfectly located on the Golden Circle for one to add to their itinerary, this waterfall is a beautiful attraction. With no admission fee (it’s free), why would you pass it up?

I drove to Gullfoss during my Iceland trip following a stop at Strokkur. I would recommend leaving at least one hour to walk around and sightsee Gullfoss. Even if you are not one for hanging out at one place for too long, the walk around will take you at least 20-30 minutes to get the entire view in. Go early to avoid crowds.

GPSLocation: Iceland, Europe


The waters get rough and you might see steam forming above the waterfall itself.


A glimpse into Gulfoss. This is what you will see when you begin the short trek.


Don’t forget to get a picture of yourself! There will always be others visiting and snapping photos as well. Just ask someone if you are traveling solo.


Lastly, get to a high point to snap a photo from up above. Climb the stairs or onto the nearby hilly grounds.

Have you been to Gullfoss?