Beach Hopping in St. Bart’s

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For first time and repeat travelers, beach hopping in St. Bart’s will forever be a thing to do. Rain or shine, the 14 beaches offer a romantic, seductive kind of ambiance. With cove shape like sandy ends, hills in the distance, and luxury restaurants serving some of the best cocktails ever do not miss out on the beaches.

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Getting Around

Taxi Driving: ATV, Cab, or Rental Car

When I went beach hopping, I rented an ATV to best get around. Other options you can go with is taking a cab or renting a car, but I am advising you that the roads are very steep. Go with your comfort level.

When you arrive in St. Bart’s (or prior) make sure that you have a map handy with you. The GPS on your phone will work as well but in case our phone battery dies, you do not want to get lost. Some beaches are further apart than others. Street parking is available everywhere.

St. Jean’s


There are many different points of St. Bart’s to experience. From the airport or Gustavia Harbor, it takes less than 10 minutes to arrive at St. Jean’s Beach which is one of the most popular and poppin’ beaches on the entire island.

This beach has the most restaurants which include Nikki Beach and Eden Rock. The day gets started here early as visitors flock to the beach before 10am. As the day goes, it gets busier and busier. Small boats dock out in the sea and the waters remain calm for the most part. Grab a drink from the bar but if you bring it with you to the ocean, remember to discard of it into a garbage can afterward.

Taxi Driving: Less than 10 minutes from Airport

Shell Beach

South of Gustavia, one can even walk to Shell Beach. This is one of the four “shell beaches” in the world which boasts famous Do Brazil restaurant on-site.

Wear shoes as the tiny shells are beautiful, but may be sharp. This beach is smaller and cozy. Facing southwest, it is perfect for sunsets and bar hopping in downtown in the evening.

Taxi Driving: Less than 5 minutes from Gustavia Harbor

Flamands and the West End


To the west of the airport, the island is filled with villas and small communities. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive the entire island. Put aside 1 hour at least to drive the west end.

Flamands Beach is to the west of St. Jean’s and offers great snorkeling and a beach-front restaurant as well. Head to the rocks on the east end to enter the waters. Picnic out under the trees there and take in the views. While many cars are parked outdoors, you may not necessarily see that this beach is crowded.

Taxi Driving: Less than 30 minutes from Airport

Grand Cul-de-Sac and East End

Grand Cul-de-Sac photoPhoto by Skazama

If you prefer to drive to the east end of St. Bart’s, you will find many beaches in closer proximity to natural pools. Be sure to wear sneakers or hiking boots in order to reach these pools as a hike is necessary.

Grand Cul-de-Sac beach is famous for its amenities and watersports. Visitors can rent equipment such as jet skis, kite surfing boards, and sailboats. This is a windy beach which makes it perfect for these activities. The water also stays shallow for quite the distance which makes it better for children to play in. There are a few dining options on the beach, such as O Corail, to feed your hunger and thirst.

For natural pools, head to Toiny Coast and Grand Fond.

Taxi Driving: Less than 20 minutes from Airport

Which beaches have you visited in St. Bart’s?