Sightseeing Forts and Castles Along Costa Brava’s Coast

If you are visiting Spain’s coast, head to Costa Brava for some of the most spectacular views from the Mediterranean. Not only will you be able to enjoy a boat ride and take in the views, but you can also see many of the forts along the coast.

Here are the forts along Costa Brava’s coast that you will see:

Tossa de Mar


This 12th century fort translates as “The Wild Coast”. The fort is actually Roman and sits along three small beaches. One can plan a trip to visit the inside of the fort. Although it may be overrun with tourists now, it is still a sight to see.

Lloret de Mar Castle


Towards the northeast coast, one can also view Lloret de Mar Castle from land or sea. On top of a hill, this castle separates Lloret de Mar from the beaches of Fenals. The actual name of the castle is Sant Joan’s. It now continues to stand but is no longer in use.


Visitors can walk up the steep, rocky roads to the castle and experience a very historical beach walk.

Castell-Cap Roig

calella de Palafrugell castle photoPhoto by M. Martin Vicente

Further up north towards the French border, Castell-Cap Roig sits in the neighborhood of Calella de Palafrugell. Built in 1827, this castle was built by the Russians as a “dream home” along with many gardens. Presently, it is owned by a public corporation and is open to the public.

From boat, one can take in the beauty of this castle for free. On land, one can take a walk from the botanical gardens to the castle for a small fee.

Which forts and castles have you visited in Spain?