Snorkeling at Flamands Beach, St. Bart’s

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For some of the best snorkeling in St. Bart’s, head to Flamands Beach. It is one of the best spots on the island offering beautiful views. In French, it is referred to as “Anse des Flamands.”

GPSLocation: Caribbean

How to Get There


Located less than a 10 minute drive from the airport, and to the west of St. Jean Beach, you will be at Flamands in no time. If you have a map on arrival at St. Bart’s, this is one of the highly recommended beaches to visit.

When I was taking an ATV around St. Bart’s, it was very easy to find a parking spot outside the beach. There are spots outdoor for free parking and although you may see many cars parked, it does not necessarily mean everyone is at the beach.

Where to Stay

The famous Hotel Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France and La Langouste are right on the beach for a luxury stay. The Flamand Beach Hotel is a smaller, boutique hotel next door which offers a more intimate stay. Suites can be found starting at 500 Euros. If you prefer to rent a home, many villas are available within close walking distance.

The Beach


When you enter Flamands Beach, watch your way down. There a few steep, sandy steps that you follow from the main road. To the west is plenty of warm waters and sand to lay out on and get privacy.


To the east by the rocks is where one will find the snorkeling. Leave your towels and belongings under the trees for shade. Strap on your booties and enter slowly. The waters are very calm although it is a shallow beach. As you swim further away from shore, follow the rocks.

Do not go too far – once the rocks begin to open up, the ocean gets more rough. Stay close to the rocks to risk being swept away. You will see many sea urchins, schools of fish, clownfish and even possibly some clams.

Have you gone snorkeling at Flamands?