Partying at St. Jean Beach, St. Bart’s

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Find yourself on the busiest beach in St. Bart’s with a cocktail in hand and delicious appetizers coming your way when you visit St. Jean.

St. Jean Beach is the #1 beach in St. Bart’s for its social atmosphere, nightlife, boat parties, and meeting others. With a one stop for all, you can stay at St. Jean and have everything accessible to you.

How to Get There


From the airport, the drive to St. Jean Beach is less than 10 minutes. The same goes for coming from Gustavia Harbor. Once you get into a rental car or taxi, getting across to the northeast coast is fast and easy.

Parking is easy to find most of the time although having an ATV gives you more parking options.

Where to Stay


St. Jean Beach has the most hotels within one area. Choose from a stay at Eden Rock Hotel, Le Maison, Hotel Emeraude Plague, and more. The town beside the beach is plentiful with shops, open air food stands, and more. Finding a villa to rent is easy and walking within town is recommended.

What to Do


Once you enter St. Jean Beach, no matter what time it is, you are bound to find someone on the beach. Spread out with your towels to soak in the sun. Towards the east end, one can snorkel or bring children as the water is calm. There, one can rent kayaks, paddle boards, and more.

Towards the center of the beach, small boats dock or come in for partying. This is great for socializing and usually, the yachts have their own water sport toys. This is a good time to make new friends…


Nikki Beach is located in the center of the beach and seems to be the top spot to go. Enjoy drinks in the cabanas or out on the sand. Regularly, there is a DJ,  fashion shows and other events.

One can also enjoy fine dining at On the Rocks, the restaurant which is part of Eden Rock Hotel.  If you opt for a beach picnic, many grocery stores are only a few blocks away from the beach.

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