Renting an Atv in St. Bart’s for a Bargain

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Getting around St. Bart’s is super easy when you’ve got the right vehicle.

Opt for a rental car, or better yet, rent the ATV.


Due to St. Bart’s hilly roads, an ATV will suit you better with getting around. It will also be easier to find parking spots. While there is plenty of parking, an ATV can help squeeze you into that spot on the grass or sideways in between cars.

Ultimately, renting an ATV is much cheaper than renting car and better on fuel.

Here are the best spots for renting an ATV for a bargain in St. Bart’s:

Beranger – This is the rental agency I used. Located in Gustavia only two blocks from the waterfront, I got an ATV which fit two persons for 35 Euros per day.

St Barth Adventure  – For automatic quads, you can find these here for 35-60 Euros per day depending on size.

Barthloc – More expensive options, but definitely more luxurious looking styles. Also, they have scooters that look as nice as Porsches in my opinion! Scooters from 30 Euros per day and quads from 60 Euros per day. You can rent for longer than 2 weeks also if you plan on spending a long time on the island.

Have you gone ATV-ing in St. Bart’s?