Travel Tips for Booking a Trip to Philippines

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For those of you considering an island hopping adventure in Asia, consider visiting the Philippines. This Southeast Asian country is an archipelago made up of more than 7,000 islands. With the bustling capital city of Manila and islands for diving and exploration, such as Palawan, the Philippines are a growing destination for everyone.

From jumping off waterfalls to hiking the Chocolate Hills, to backpacking volcanoes, the Philippines is a very budget-friendly destination. Here are my top three tips for booking an affordable trip to the Philippines:

  1. Find a Bargain on Flights

In recent years, the price of flight tickets has dropped and many more sales on airlines can be found. It has been discussed on social media that booking on a Tuesday or Wednesday is best for finding cheap prices. This, I do find to be true! While a timeline, or how far in advance you should book, is not necessarily as definitive, you can find a cheap flight to the Philippines if you keep your options for dates open. With flexibility in mind, my second tip will help you find the best price out of all the search engines that exist in our world.

The islands of the Philippines are spread out wide, therefore the recommendation is to leave yourself 7 days on land to have enough time to explore.

  1. Use a Website/Company Based in Asia

When it comes to traveling internationally, it is always best to book flights and hotels using companies who are based in the same continent and country you are traveling to.

By doing so, you are presented with the most options and customer service that is serving the specific area. If I am reaching out about travel options within the Philippines, I would prefer their 24/7 support be based in Philippines to best assist me.=

Even if you have never heard of the agency before, using locally owned companies have the expertise that others overseas do not.

  1. Save on Hotels & Stay Closest to Your Main Attraction

A tricky part of booking travel is choosing the right hotel for you and saving on the price.

Browse hotels by city/ island destination or by budget level/price. One of the best ways to browse hotels is by an option named “near popular landmarks”. I usually plan my hotels around a certain attraction or at least want a certain view, therefore this feature is the one I always search for.

If you are not sure when to book your hotel, start looking at prices 3-4 months out. I prefer to check prices weekly to see if there is much change at all or not. If there is an option to book a hotel for a cheap price and get a 100% refund before a certain date, take it. For example, Palawan has hundreds of hotels but they fill up quickly during high season. It can give peace of mind that you snagged a deal but are able to change your mind if you want to.

Also, always check to see if a summary is offered on the various Philippines destinations. With so many cities and islands, a quick snapshot of what to expect is helpful to differentiate where you may want to spend more time. Some helpful information that usually correlates with hotel bookings includes how to arrive at one of their islands, where to eat, and how to get around.

As I have a friend who will be working in the Philippines next year, stay tuned to hear more about my visit and how I book my travel to this gorgeous country! I plan to spend time in Manila, Palawan, and Boracay with more stops being added to the itinerary.

Have you visited the Philippines yet?

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