What to Do in St. Maarten When It Rains

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If you happen to have a rainy day or forecast in St. Maarten, be hopeful that it does not last all day. Usually the showers blow over and it may remain overcasty.

For a backup plan if the rain doesn’t decide to leave, here are some ideas for keeping busy in St. Maarten:

Shopping and Downtown Areas

Head to Marigot on the French end or Philipsburg and hit up the shops. Marigot has an outdoor market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, along with strips of indoor shops. Front Street in Philipsburg is the best shopping strip there.

Make Your Own Scent

perfume oil photoPhoto by Vetiver Aromatics

Go to the Tijon Parfumerie shop in Grand Case and make your own scent. You can choose from over 300 oils. The class lasts about 3 hours as they teach you and for experimentation.

Watch the Games at Atlantis Casino

casino bar photoPhoto by kennejima

Casinos are not only for gambling. If you’re into sports, or want to find a crowd, look up what games are playing. Atlantis Casino is usually the busiest as many students from the medical university and doctors go there on their days off.

Visit the Butterfly Farm

butterfly farm photoPhoto by Pasha Kirillov

This is not one of the biggest tourist spots therefore it most likely is not crowded. Venture around the Butterfly Farm, which is enclosed of course, and you will see more than just butterflies. Admission is $15. The guided tour is included within the fee. You will also be given a free return pass which allows you to come back for another visit during your vacation.

Kart Race Indoors

kart race photoPhoto by das farbamt

If you want to get moving and have children with you, head to Kidsworld-SXM. They can go kart racing and enjoy other activities while adults have entertainment for themselves.


paintball photoPhoto by Mafe Aristizabal M

Another sport that can be played on a rainy day is paintball. There are a few spots on the island along Simpson Bay and Orient Bay. No websites remain live at the moment to link to but most are off the main road. Look for the signs as you drive.

Visit the Zoo

tropical zoo photoPhoto by Martin Pettitt

Unless you go to the zoo on a regular basis back in your home country, head to the St. Maarten Zoo. This one has a bat house, a feeding area, and a petting zoo along with the exhibits. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children.

Watch the Planes at Maho

Rain or shine, planes will be landing at the airport. Head to Sunset Bar which offers many covered areas and watch the planes land over the beach. This is a great spot to eat as well!

What do you do on a rainy day in St. Maarten?