How to Take More Beach Vacations in the Year

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We are approaching February and before you know it, another year will have passed.

I always have a list in my mind of what I want to get done each year, and of course where I want to jet off to. Africa has been on my travel list for the past few years. So have many destinations in Asia. I still have got to get to Hawaii! The list seems to never end and only get bigger.

This year, I am working on setting up two trips at the moment. Both might end up being in March, which is more than OK with me!

Work has been busy and the perk to having a husband recover with surgery is that it made me take a break from traveling so often and save more money. Now that he’s itching to get back out there (and has a few ski trips planned), I too am itching to travel as I used to!

For me the norm has been to travel to one new country every month. That is a goal I would like to go back to, and if it doesn’t happen each month I’m not worried about it.
I want to take longer trips, and further ones away from my home base in New York.

As I have been thinking what to schedule and when, I remembered the days of how hard this used to be in the past. Yet I’d usually average on 7 trips throughout the year when I had my office based position for a social services company.

If you are wondering how you can take MORE TRIPS this year, hear me out. I have suggestions up my sleeve that have worked for me:

Map Out the Holidays

One thing that will always allow you to make a trip more possible is when there is a holiday.

Christmas is usually huge for family gatherings, and if that is the case for you, stick to looking at the others that you may get off. This includes Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. An extra day off (paid hopefully) will get you more time for more options of destinations. Flights are usually cheaper on Tuesdays so don’t come back on the holiday, but the day after if you can.

Supplement Vacation Days/Use Sick Days

By now you may have heard that so many U.S. workers don’t even use all their vacation days. If you have rollover from the year before, take a week off and make a few stops.

This can be a trip to Europe or a cruise within the Caribbean Islands.

If you don’t have rollover, see if you can use your sick days to act as vacation days. Sick days usually roll over less or need to be cashed out. Talk to your boss and see if you can supplement them in this way.

Cruise Out of Florida

For Americans mostly (but anyone can use this information), if you want to cruise, get yourself to Florida.

Cruising out of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Tampa will get you the quickest to the islands and nearby countries. You can reach the Bahamas in less than 24 hours by cruise.

Don’t waste your time with two days at sea cruising out of New York or the Carolina’s if you want more beach  and travel time.

Mistake Fares

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – mistake fares exist now more often than ever!

I enjoy watching Airfarewatchdog for alerts or travel pages on Facebook for anyone who posts a deal. If you see one that is a really low price, snag it and then present it to your boss (is what I would do if it were me).

If taking off work is tricky, you can always present it as a “What if” situation if you are not ready to say you booked a flight. If you notice that there might be complications with work, have a backup plan ready for getting (or calling) out of work.

I know some of you have bosses that are wonderful and flexible. For those who don’t necessarily have it that easy, don’t mention the trip. You can always call out sick and go but then do not post on social media while you are there!

Combine With Friends

The more the merrier – sometimes.

I’m big on traveling solo or as a couple. I love my trips with girlfriends aka girls only.

I like traveling on my own terms and meetings others at a destination.

Depending on your preferences, see if you can meet friends on a trip or choose to rent an Airbnb (get $35 off your first booking here) or home together. That way, you have others you can plan with and make decisions with. If you would rather overlap a few days with friends and not be with them the entire time, do that! Just because someone can take one whole week off doesn’t mean you can’t go for only 3 days.

It’s still great to enjoy your shorter time and that way you don’t feel obliged to maybe spending as much as your peers.

How are you planning on taking more beach vacations?