A Walking Tour of Charleston’s Waterfront

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As romantic and historic Charleston is, you can just as well have a great time snagging your girlfriends for a walk around town.

King Street may seem like the “be all” for the downtown area but don’t forget the waterfront which extends for miles and miles.

If you’re wondering what else there is to see in Charleston, and how to break up a day in between other attractions, head onto this walking tour that you can do yourself of Charleston’s waterfront:

E Bay Street & Liberty Square

It does not matter where you start. For me particularly and my group of friends, we headed East from the Airbnb we were staying at towards E Bay Street. It’s a pleasant walk through local streets until you get closer to the water. Be on the lookout for many churches!

Liberty Square is the first park area you will come across. The South Carolina Aquarium is right there along with Fort Sumpter museum.

This will be a quick stop unless you want to snag a sandwich or drink. You can also book a boat tour that leaves from this location.

Waterfront Park

As you head further south, walk down Concord Street. The view will begin to open up as you get approach Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar – which is a great party spot.

If you want to head inland for a bit, City Market is only two blocks away for a detour to shop for local goods and souvenirs.

Waterfront Park is gorgeous in my eyes. This is where those charming southern mansions begin to line the block and you get a view of the Patriot’s Point and Sullivan’s Island across the water.

It is a relaxing walk as you watch the boats. Now, we are just getting started!

White Point Garden

At the southern tip of Charleston, you will find White Point Garden.

Oh my goodness – this is one of the most beautiful parks out there in the United States.

You will find war memorials, drooping willow trees, maybe a wedding here and there, and an oasis all around you.

Harleston Village

As you near the end of the waterfront in Charleston, you can choose to head back north on King Street or follow Murray Blvd into the community of Harleston Village.

Here, you can explore Colonial Lake, the campus at College of Charleston, Wentworth Mansion, and small boutique shops.

What did you enjoy most about Charleston’s waterfront?