Five Ways to Safeguard Yourself When Traveling

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Traveling creates joyous moments and memories that you’ll never forget. Whether you travel frequently or once in a while, you should know how to safeguard yourself in case of an emergency or another unfortunate event.

Here are 5 tips on how to use preventive measures before going abroad or while traveling long-term:

Travel and Medical Protection

When preparing for a trip, some of the items that travelers overlook most are travel and medical protection. Purchase travel insurance and choose the add-ons and arrangements that work best for you, which may include free cancellations or treatments for illnesses.

You can get food poisoning anywhere, and you should take extra caution when traveling to countries where high-risk diseases are common. Plan for the worst-case scenario by purchasing additional protection from MedjetAssist, which includes air transport arrangements to the hospital of your choice.

Photocopies and Backups

It’s easy to copy and backup important documents, but it’s also easy to forget to do so. All travelers should have a few copies of their passport and identification card at all times. Keep a few extra at your home base just in case, and split the copies among your belongings in case one gets lost or taken.

With today’s technology, you can quickly save, backup, and retrieve all your itineraries using Google Drive or another cloud-based system. Remember that external backup devices are helpful only if they’re in your possession. Share any important information with your emergency contact or at least one other individual who knows about your travels.

Special Clothing Items

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Any essential clothing items with hidden pockets or compartments will be helpful for safeguarding your belongings. Consider packing a scarf or wrap that comes with zippered pockets that hold your smartphone or ID cards. If you want to feel extra safe, look into T- shirts or tank tops that have hidden pockets inside. Depending on the weather, hiding items in boots or hats can also be helpful. Remember that backpacks and purses are the best for carrying your belongings, but they’re also the easiest to spot.

Maintaining Contact Abroad

When you travel, try to keep in touch with at least one person from back home. Doing so ensures that you’ll get assistance when necessary, since your friends or family will already know where you are.

Finding local Wi-Fi connections isn’t always enough to keep you connected. Instead, consider getting a cheap backup phone or purchasing a hotspot. Check into Facebook to let others know your whereabouts, and try using a free messaging system through Facebook, Google, or WhatsApp to stay connected while saving money.

Non-Prescription Medications

If you’re prone to falling ill or you’re worried that you might, pack a small supply of non- prescription medications on your next trip. Bring a small plastic bag or a resealable container with the medications you need instead of trying to shop for them in another country where they might not be available. The same goes for eye drops, creams, and antihistamines.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be prepared and can relax and fully enjoy your next trip.

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  1. All great points. I am a huge advocate of safe travel! You can still be adventurous but doing it safely!

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