A Winter Wonderland in Omaha

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A few weeks ago I had the delight of having a long layover in Omaha, Nebraska.

I kept telling my friends and family how excited I was. Over Omaha – yea, why not?

It’s a new city and as I started to look more into all the activities to do there, I found more than what I thought I would.

Parks, The Old Market, lakes, outside tours, and much more.

Too bad it is not anywhere close to summer – that is when I would be able to participate in many of the fun things I found such as brewery tours and horseback riding.

For wintertime, it was a gorgeous city sitting in snow. I dressed up warm and made sure I had my hat, scarf, and gloves with me. As I set to spend my entire day outside exploring on foot (locals tend to bike a lot), I made it comfortably!

Here are the top winter wonderland spots in downtown Omaha:

Gene Leahy Mall

This was my favorite spot!

It’s a park mainly for people watching and walking – pedestrians only.

The layout of this park is small but oh, so cute. Then you can walk right out to The Old Market area for dining, shopping, and bar hopping.
Heartland of America Park

Heartland of America Park  is located a few blocks down past Gene Leahy. It is much bigger in size and is more of a “big pond” for walking around and watching the duckies.

Great for families and ice-skating (if the pond is frozen enough).

Many photographers love shooting here. Bring your camera out!
Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Walk the riverfront as you head north to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.
Here, you can see Iowa across the river. If you are up for a long walk, you can cross the bridge on foot into Iowa which is on the other side. There are bike rentals near the river and many viewing spots to sit and relax.

I would not be surprised that this is where everyone hangs out in the summertime.

I believe there may be live music outdoors once the seasons change.

Do you live in Omaha? Where else would you recommend park-wise?