My Upcoming Spanish Immersion Trip with Habla Ya in Bocas del Toro, Panama

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In exactly one week, I will be arriving at the Habla Ya Spanish School in Bocas del Toro!

What am I more excited about – the location or perfecting my Spanish as much as I can?

The answer – BOTH since the school is located right in downtown Bocas del Toro and is super close to fabulous beaches. I can have it all in one place!

My Trip

I was invited by Habla Ya to spend one week (or longer if I could have) with them. My dates are March 22nd through the 29th.

I will be staying on-site at the school, learning about their classes, and taking my own private and group lessons for at least 4 hours per day. In exchange, I will be working on social media through my accounts, photos, posts and more during my stay.

I also have some awesome excursions around the Bocas islands planned – more to come on that at the end of this post! I will share a ton more about Habla Ya and their courses during my trip – keep watch as I will be going live and posting actively a lot.

My Spanish

I learned Spanish in school for many years. From 7th grade through my sophomore year of college, I always had classes yet the educational system (when it comes to languages) is FAR from being anything good in New York.

My classes would be one, maybe two hours tops of Spanish per week. – That is way too little.

After summer, you would return to school and re-learn half of the things you learned the year before! – No moving forward. Easy forgetting. No consistent use of language.

It sucks that this was the way they “taught” us a foreign language in New York City. It did not stick in our minds as it should have and I on the other hand, did not really get to use it until I began to travel to Spanish-speaking countries in my 20’s.

I am delighted to dedicate my time to learning more Spanish and really focusing in on it.

For one whole week, I know I will benefit greatly in such a time. I will use it in my free time in Bocas. I will continue to use it as I travel and at home too. I will try to visit more Spanish restaurants back home in New York and speak in Spanish when I can.

The Island Life in Bocas

bocas del toro photoPhoto by dronepicr

Bocas del Toro is a group of islands in the western Caribbean Sea located on the north-west shore of the country.

It is not the easiest to get to Bocas, yet not the hardest.

To get to Bocas, I will fly into Panama City Airport (PTY), take an Uber or cab to the Albrook Airport and take a one-hour flight to Bocas from there. I visited Panama City two years ago when I also explored Taboga Island. I knew I would return someday and the way I am doing it now is better than I could have ever imagined.

Getting around the town is easy on foot or by cab. Nearby beaches are not far and transportation is cheap from what I have read.

Some of my activities and stops in my free-time will include:

Starfish Beach

Cave Tour on Isla Bastimentos

Scuba Diving the Nearby Reefs

Istmito Beach

Much more will be added as I want to be flexible and spontaneous!

Many thanks to Habla Ya Spanish School for having me. See you in one week!

Have you studied at Habla Ya?

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