Best Beach Town to Stay In Lima – Barranco

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I’m back from Lima – the European city in South America!
Lima is huge – I did not realize how populated it is.

For getting C grades in history class all my life, I forgot that it was mainly colonized by the Spaniards years ago. That’s why they speak Portuguese there!

When it came to planning my trip to Lima, I right away looked into what portion of the city I could stay in that would leave my with access to the beach.

There are thousands of miles of shoreline in Peru – and many of those blue, clear watered beached are up north closer to the border of Ecuador.


Ultimately, I decided that staying in Barranco was a win-win for location, a real sense of community, access to nightlife and things to do 24/7, and the beach!
I stayed at The Point Hostel in Barranco located on Jr. Batalia de Junin right across from the ocean. That particular street is located on a cliff and had the best view of the ocean from above.

The district of Barranco has come to be known as artsy, colonial, hippy, and great blend of locals with tourists who enjoy exploring on foot. You can walk the streets of Barranco endlessly and find something new on every street.

With colorful homes, bright colored art, nature sculptures, and dozens of parks – the walk to the beach is one of the best in all of town!

Getting to the Beach

Whichever direction you come from, find your way to the main street – Av. San Martin. The Main Square is located across which will help center where you are. Walk north which is past the main church at the corner. Find the park across the street and the street “Ermita”.
Take Ermita all the way down to the beach. You will pass so many free attractions – don’t be surprised if it takes you 45 minutes to get there because you need to stop and stare at everything beautiful.

Walk through the park, Iglesia La Ermita, Plaza Granda, and onto Bajada de Banos. Here, you will take the Bridge of Sighs over the highway below you.

From there, you will descend downward and have three beaches to choose from – Playa Barranquito (very small but cutesy), Playa Los Yuyos, and Playa Las Sombrillas.

Playa Barranquito

This is the first beach you will see – if the high tide does not have it all covered in the ocean!
Low tide comes in the morning. There are a few umbrellas and this is a more private beach area. In the late afternoon, visitors park on the rocks and set up all their beach gear there.

Playa Los Yuyos

This beach is next and much bigger. Lined with many beach chairs and umbrellas, come early to snag a spot up by the water. The Marina Club is next door and there is a platform to walk out to which looks like it used to be an old dock that got washed away.
Playa Las Sombrillas

I spent the most time at this beach at the beginning of my trip. Walking past all the food and drink vendors led me to this beach as I hydrated.
The sand gets VERY HOT quick. This beach is lengthier although if you stay to the right by the rocks, it is not as deep.

Here, you will find many families and vendors selling tiny water pools, snacks, beers, and more.

It is choppier and surfers will be out in the distance. You get a good view of the lighthouse in the distance. If you walk even further south, you will reach Playa Agua Dulce.

*Bring a lot of SPF – you will burn easily!

Have you visited the beaches of Lima?

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