Beach & Cliff Walk Along El Malecon in Lima

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If you’re into ocean views and walks along a cliffside, then El Malecon in Lima is perfect for you!

Also referred to as “Circuito de Playas”, El Malecon connects all the beaches along the coast. It is about six miles long and every single part of it is beautiful.

You will see gardens every few steps, gorgeous cliffside condos, art, hiking trails, and playgrounds.

The gardens are what I enjoyed the most! If I could bring this architectural landscaping back with me to NYC, I would. We need more color there and more nature.

Everyone keeps the gardens clean. I did not see any trash or loitering around.

You will see people exercising, strolling around, playing with their dogs, and having picnics outside.

The best time to go – sunset.

Go about 1 hour before sunset so you can stroll for a bit and find a spot. It is never crowded that you cannot find a spot…but it’s nice to go ahead early so you can pick and choose where on El Malecon you want to be.
Remember, it stretched for six miles so you may want to be in Miraflores or another neighborhood for exploring. Dinner afterwards is a great thing to add-on to the experience.

I never got to complete the entire walk. I think I walked almost half of it. There was so much within the portion I walked from Barranco to Miraflores. Do however much you feel comfortable (or have time for).

Have you walked El Malecon?

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