Riding the Public Metropolitano Bus in Lima & How to Beach Hop

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Coming to Lima, I actually did not expect to take the public bus.

I am a BIG user of public transportation, and walking. Somehow I imagined I would walk everywhere although that was not realistic seeing as how big Lima is.

If you read my latest post, then you know I learned how to take the bus while on my “Lima by Walking Tour.” The guide taught me and everyone else how to ride the Metropolitano Bus. When you visit Lima, make sure you know what bus system you are taking. There are other bus lines but this is the one I know.

The Bus System

The Metropolitano Bus system came to be in 2010. It is new and is known as the “rapid” bus. It follows the highway on its own tracks and does not go through streets where passenger cars are.

It links up to 12 different districts. Most buses come every 3-5 minutes and are usually crammed! But in the middle is the best place to stand for the most space.

The stops are announced verbally and they are displaced on monitors inside the bus.


For those who are traveling often, you will need to purchase an electronic card for $4.50 Peruvian soles. You will need to refill it. A single fare is $2.50 soles. You will need cash or coins.

The E. Central stop is in the center of the city. The bus goes all the way to Naranjal on the north end, and Matellini on the south end.

There are employees of the bus system available at each station for any questions, assistance, or issues. Since I only had to take the bus one time on my way back to Barranco, I told them that and asked how could I get a single ride without purchasing the card. They did it for me on the machine. Essentially, it looked like they added my fare onto one of their electronic cards and swiped me through. Easy peasy!

Beach Feeder Bus 

During January, February, and March there is a special “Beach Feeder” bus. This specialty bus line costs only 0.50 soles and will take you fro Matellini through Barranco and Chorillos up the Malecon to more beaches.

There are maps of all the stops and lines at each station. They are big enough for everyone to read easily.

Always carry change on you and if you have any issues ask someone! They will help guide you.

How was your bus experience in Lima?