An Overwater Bungalow Stay in Bocas del Toro for Under $150 Per Night

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If there is one thing in the world that I absolutely love is an overwater bungalow on the ocean.

If you had been following my adventures, then you know that almost two years is when I spent one week in Maldives in an overwater bungalow. Luscious and incredible, it was a great experience and I could not wait to have another one just like it!

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My bungalow in Maldives was a pretty damn good price. The one found in Bocas del Toro – even LOWER!

My Stay at Koko Cabins

I was spending 9 days in Panama recently learning Spanish with the Habla Ya Spanish School. Over the weekend, I knew I wanted to splurge and have an evening to myself in a nice hotel. Luckily, I stumbled upon Koko Cabins online, which blew my mind and I booked one night there right away!

Since I was taking lessons, had a bunch of excursions, and was doing social media work, staying longer than one night did not make sense for me. I booked the room for Saturday, checked in at 8am (thank you to the owners!) and was able to check out at 1230pm the next day.

Koko Cabins is in the Saigon neighborhood which is about a 15 minute walk from Bocas Town.

There are only six overwater bungalows on stilts – all with names of the ocean. Mine was the Seahorse which I specifically chose as it was one of two that has an actual living room area.

The Bungalow

The Seahorse Cabin is the one I specifically booked.

You can go online to the Koko Cabins website and compare all the cabins to see which one you want to reserve. I was first in line when you walk down the dock. I would have preferred to be at the other end but at the same time, I had more privacy since everyone looks out to the distance.

My bungalow was two floors, with two queens beds, an open layout kitchen with dining and living area. One full bathroom, stairs leading up to a second open layout bedroom with a balcony. The entire bungalow had windows everywhere and shades so I can let in as much (or as little) light as I wanted.

Next to my entrance, I had chairs and a bar area. Sitting out there and looking out the window was one of my favorite things to do. The bungalow came with a full size fridge and freezer, full kitchen, and with all the appliances you need to cook yourself a good dinner.

The Area

Staying in the hotel was great! When I saw neighbors, we chatted and everyone was super friendly. It was perfectly safe and the owners treated everyone as family. Complimentary breakfast is included in your stay – just go two doors down to Bhia del Sol where Jack is cooking up a huge plate for you!

The water was calm and clear. You can see tons of fish swimming near the surface. I went for a bit of snorkeling but noticed the water had more of a green tint to it than I liked.

Out in the neigborhood and streets, you will see that there is garbage. Yes, some of this is from people and a lot of it also gets washed upon shore since this is the bay. It comes from the mainland and the waves carry it.

The locals are great, they enjoy spending time outside and you will see many of them when you walk to and from Koko. Some of the best food I ate was at the restaurants on the main road outside of the bungalows. There were better prices than in downtown.

The Price

Magically, the overwater bungalows at Koko Cabins are under $150 per night.

My Seahorse Cabin on a Saturday night cost me $120 total!

No, it was not All-Inclusive. I bought myself a bottle of wine for $5 and groceries for $10 and I was set.

If you are wondering about staying here, the one thing I have to recommend you do is read the FAQs section on their website. It is not the 5 star luxury stilts you are imagining in Tahiti, but they are AMAZING.

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