Staying at Albrook Inn for a Layover to Bocas del Toro

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During my layover over to Bocas del Toro, I stayed at Albrook Inn by the regional airport before catching my flight.
Rooms & Grounds

Albrook Inn surprised me with how beautiful the grounds were.
The hotel is 5 minutes away from the airport in the residential neighborhood. The regional airport is small, you would probably pass it thinking it were a store.
Albrook Inn has two floors and the rooms are actually pretty cozy. You get a bed, big closet, desk, renovated bathroom and beautiful gardens to walk through.

Out the front, you will see many plants, trees, and sitting areas.
Walk to the back and you will find a pool area along with the dining area that has glass windows. There is complimentary breakfast which includes basic food like eggs and local specialties like yucca.

In the back left hand corner, you will find a stairway down into the jungle surrounded by rainforest trees. Take a walk down. It is as if you have entered a different world.
All through the night, I would hear the birds talking and chirping. This is not roosters and robins I speak of, but loud jungle animals. It did not keep me up as I was tired, but it was as if they were in the background the entire time.
Many of the guests staying there were there for layovers as well. Some had flights out two days later so they can participate in a rainforest tour. That would have been a great addition to my itinerary. Maybe next time when I return to Bocas?
Have you stayed at Albrook?