Paradise Falls – The Waterfall Hike Everyone Should Do in Los Angeles

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Recently, there has been a craze over finding waterfalls and photographing them in the world. While I love to go chasing waterfalls, I also love finding these posts by other writers who help inform the world where these secret spots are.

Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls is a waterfall located in Thousand Oaks, California less than 1 hour from LAX Airport.

Getting to Paradise Falls includes taking a hike to get to the actual waterfall. The hiking trails near the falls are very popular for locals and those who live nearby. It is an easy hike – anyone can do it! There are plenty of hikers out as groups, solo, or walking their dogs. Safety wise – it is a very safe area with most trails in the open so you can see others hiking. It is in a very safe neighborhood.

The trick is to not take the wrong trail.

How to Get to the Waterfall

If you put in “Paradise Falls” into your GPS, choose the location in Thousand Oaks.

Park in the parking lot (free) which is located on W. Avenida de los Arboles. There will be signs on the streets as you get closer for hikers on where you can and cannot park.

Once you get inside the park, there will be signs for different trails. I mistakenly read the arrow wrong (guess I was in a rush) and continued to go straight while I should have made a left.

It was a nice detour let’s say and I took two of them for 30 minutes at a time!

I went hiking right after the “Wild Blossom” season hit California. You can see the rows of flowers in the hills and all around you. Photo-opportunity wise, the detours are the best reason to go for them.

Since I continued on straight by mistake, I was met with a very steep hill where bikers had to stop. I then realized the valley was to the left of me and others confirmed my thoughts that I had indeed made a wrong turn. I turned back around and followed the signs like I should have.

The Trail

The correct trail that leads you to Paradise Falls starts off in the desert-like area and then takes you south through trees and a small stream.

It feels more empty on the trail but you will run into others. I went hiking midday from 1pm-4pm therefore many people were coming back from the waterfall at that time.

The trail is not hard to lose, just follow the one road along the water. You will hear the water running which means you are getting closer.

There are picnic tables at one point where you can take a break and that is when you are about 10-15 minutes away.

Follow the steps along the wired fence. There are more steps to get down to the bottom of the waterfall and walahh – there you are!

The Waterfall

Paradise Falls is not the largest waterfall but it is beautiful.

Remember, it is shallow and many turtles nest there so NO SWIMMING!

There are spots you can find to sit down and enjoy watching the falls from the nearby rocks. It is a pleasant scene and at the end of it all, it is so worth it.

All in all, I spent three hours hiking two trails which were missed turns and then about one hour on the correct trail to the waterfall. It can be done in one hour if you don’t make the same mistakes I did. However, it is a great way to spend the day and get out of the city doing something different for a change.

 Location: California

 Drive: 1 hour from LAX Airport

Have you hiked a waterfall? Where and how do you get there?