The Best Lobster Spot in Bocas del Toro Ever!

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I was told the best place to get fresh lobster in Bocas del Toro was at Starfish Beach.

All the people who told me that were right!

Walking through Bocas Town multiple times, I saw many restaurants but hardly any offered lobster or a deal that caught my attention.

At Starfish Beach, I walked past many kiosks, restaurants, and food spots. I figured I would not stop at the first place I saw that was outside the main part of the beach where everyone was hanging out. As I continued to walk the entire beach and see what else was out there, I figured that the first lobster spot I saw (not in the main area) probably served the best lobster. Sometimes, going to the isolated restaurant is the best thing you can do!

Restaurant Emily is where the best lobster is.

The restaurant has fresh lobster caught straight from the ocean which remains in the sea!

When I placed my order, a gentlemen came and waved me to follow him to the ocean. I told him I already ordered. He said, “Lobster?” I then realized I was going with him to pick out the lobster. That is when I realized the lobsters remain in a cage sunken underwater tied to the boat.

I picked out my “langosta” for $15. The choices ran from $12-30.

Since I was by myself, I knew I had to choose a smaller one or else I would not eat all of it.

The $15 lobster was perfect for just me. The plate kept perfectly done with potatoes, rice, and peppers. Their home-made spicy sauce is excellent to add on to it!

If you are looking for lobster, head to Starfish Beach. I spent time snorkeling with starfish first, checking out the sights, and catching the rays before they went away around 3pm. Afterwards is when I walked back to the restaurant which is only about 5 minutes away from the busiest part of the beach.

Have you eaten at Restaurant Emily?