How I Used Grabr to Pay for Half of my Trip!

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When I went on my trip to Lima earlier this year, I had a great time exploring and also visiting locals as I delivered items through Grabr.

Some of you who know or follow me more closely are familiar with what Grabr is. One of my friends was even with me in Rio when I delivered my first Grabr item which was a Fitbit.

For my trip to Lima, I prepared more in advance and communicated with several peers residing there to complete their delivery. In the end, I made enough money in rewards that paid for half of my trip!

The best part about sharing my experience with them is that Anyone can participate.

It is a platform where you join the website for free. It is not a job nor an application, but a peer-to-peer delivery network. The way one makes money is delivering an item to a peer and receiving a reward through the Grabr system ($$$ straight to your bank account). You will see that Grabr  is primarily focused on items which one is looking for internationally, ones that they cannot buy within their own country, or ones that can’t be purchased with their country’s Amazon account.

I’m going to explain exactly how it works in more detail below:

Signing Up for Grabr

For free, go to the Grabr website and choose your option – Shopper or Traveler.

A Shopper is for someone who is looking to receive an item. The Shopper posts what he or she are looking for – usually a website link suffices which automatically pulls in the price. They can include details such as size or color if needed and the reward amount they are offering. The reward is additional money on top of the price of the item.

A Traveler is someone who wants to negotiate the reward amount, purchase the item, and deliver it to the “Shopper”.

You can sign up for both within the same account. Using Facebook to sign up with is easiest or provide accurate information since one get paid through the Grabr system, NOT through the peer.

I will provide an example below of how both work below.

Transaction Details as a Shopper

Begin your search with what country you are in and what city. You can put in any country to look and see what “grabs” are being posted to get more familiar with the website at first, and just for fun.

For a Shopper, go to “Start Your Grab” in the top right-hand corner. You will also see a “Start Your Order” on the home page with an area where you can paste a hyperlink to the item you want. Include any details.

For example, if you reside in Europe post your actual city and country. Include your link to the item, such as from Amazon or

Type in any details. Type in your reward amount. Wait for travelers to contact you through the Grabr messaging system. You will get email notifications as well if someone is interested in delivering the item to you.

Important: The reward amount should include tax, any delivery charges, and any custom fees that may apply.

I have noticed that many shoppers forget to include this.  If you do forget, the Traveler will negotiate your reward amount for higher in order for the taxes to be covered.

***BOTH the Shopper and Traveler can go to a website and see the taxes/additional charges without completing a purchase. For Amazon, Apple, BestBuy and many other websites this all has worked for me before! Yes, you need to include your shipping and payment info. With Amazon it’s the easiest because it is all stored. Keep clicking until the final page which will include all the taxes with the the final amount. There, one can see the breakdown WITHOUT completing the purchase.

Transaction Details as a Traveler

Search the country (or countries) you are visiting if you are a Traveler.

Scroll through all the grabs to see what peers have posted.

What I personally look for are small items that do not weight a lot. I look at the reward amount. If it’s a $10 phone cover and the reward is $5 on top of that, then that’s a good deal! It’s 50% extra and it’s super easy to fit into my carry-on.

Another thing I look at is if the Shopper needs the item by a deadline. If there is a specific date that is before my trip, then that won’t work for me.

Important: Just as a Shopper should check the taxes, a Traveler should too.

Ensure that your reward covers the taxes and that you still get reward money.

For example, a Shopper posts for a tablet or a laptop or an expensive camera, such as the new GoPro Hero 6. Their reward amount posted is $10. Same goes for drones, my fav is the Breeze 4k by Yuneec which goes into a carry-on easily, and basically anything else that you may get from Best Buy that is marked high.

It is very easy to forget that electronics are almost always taxed and at a high rate.

Go to see what the taxes are without completing the purchase. For a Macbook, I saw the taxes were almost an additional $150! The Shopper put a $75 reward only. That was incorrect. The reward needed to be raised by a lot. I offered a reward of $200 so the $150 in taxes is covered and then I still make $50 on top of that.

Messaging – Negotiating Rewards – Details

Grabr has their own messaging system. Use this and use this ONLY is my personal advice. Do not give out your cell phone number or email. I know Whatsapp makes it easier for communication and that is everyone’s own preference whether they give that out as an additional means to messaging. If you do use Whatsapp, keep all your messages to ensure there are no discrepancies later.

The Grabr messaging system is where one can send photos/screenshots of the prices and taxes as proof. All the messages are saved therefore if one needs Customer Service, Grabr has proof of the conversation and can look into the exchange of messages.

Delivering & Receiving the Item

Usually, the Traveler will have the Shoppers meet them to pick up the item. This is the safest way to do it and most convenient. If you are the Shopper, do not expect someone to come to your house. The Traveler should choose a public place such as their hotel lobby, a restaurant, or place of business such as a coffee shop. Especially if a Traveler has multiple items to deliver (such as I had in Lima), it is easiest for them to have everyone meet them.

I had everyone meet me in my hotel lobby between 1pm and 3pm. That way I had time to explore and enjoy my vacation outside those hours. When I message peers who are the Shoppers, I automatically ask if they can meet me at my hotel and I ask what hours they are available. This is best to do early on to ensure that times work for both persons.

When the Shopper and Traveler meet, use the Grabr app on Apple to confirm delivery. There is not an app yet for Android yet but it is coming out in the future.


All payment is made through the Grabr website using their secure STRIPE system.

For Shoppers, you will need a credit card or debit card. Grabr collects a 7% service fee after you receive your item.

For Travelers, you need a bank account in order to receive your money.

You will purchase the item yourself for the Shopper. Once delivery is confirmed, you will receive the money back into your bank account that is linked to the Grabr system along with the reward money in several business days.

That’s it!

Grabr has an extensive FAQ section that is very easy to read. It is super helpful and easy to pull up off their website if one needs to refresh their memory of how it all works.

Have you used Grabr before? Do you want to make money by delivering a few extra items on your next trip? Let me know if you have any questions or hop onto the Grabr website to check it out for yourself!