A Short Hike to Blue Spring in Putaturu, New Zealand

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When I was planning my trip to New Zealand, I came across a photo on Facebook.

A girl had posted about visiting the Blue Spring. I lost the screenshot I took of it now, but I kept it for a few months so that I would not forget where I wanted to be close to.

When the time came, I looked up Blue Spring and planned my trip around it. I couldn’t have made a better travel planning decision!

Blue Spring

Blue Spring is a natural spring where 70% of New Zealand’s bottled water comes from.

The spring is very clear – and to me it was the clearest water I have ever seen.

The spring is surrounded by different hiking trails, forest, and wetlands. There is NO SWIMMING at the spring. It is protected but don’t worry, looking at it is satisfying as ever. One should never want to try to trespass and ruin it. Make sure you have your camera to capture the beauty.

Where is Blue Spring

The spring is located in Putaruru.

This is approximately a 3 hour car ride from Auckland Airport. I rented a car and it was mostly a ride on the highway, with beautiful scenery.

I stayed in a small hotel in the downtown area of the village. The area itself is very quaint, with an oval center surrounded by restaurants and shops. I visited in the autumn season and was surprised that there were as many people out.

From the village, the spring is about a 10-15 minute ride.

Getting to Blue Spring

There are two ways one can visit Blue Spring.

I went the easy, fast way as I had a time constraint and wanted to explore more with my car rental.

Option 1 – 15 Minute Walk to the Spring:

If you are coming from downtown Putaruru, take Leslie Rd. and park at the (small) Parking Lot on the right hand side. I missed it at first and kept driving. If you discover that you are on windy roads and are in an area where (at that time) it seemed like forest fires took the hills away, you went too far.

 Google Maps GPS Location: Blue Spring Leslie Road Carpark

Option 2: One Hour  and 30 Minute Hike to the Spring

For those who want to take the long way and get a nice hike out of it, park on Route 28 right before Leslie Road meets the route. You will see other cars parked and there will be clear signs for a trail. It will take you about 1.5 hours to hike to the Blue Spring.

Google Maps GPS Location: This is where the hiking trail meets Route 28.

Going the quick route (Option 1) is very easy. You do not need hiking boots although it gets a bit sandy here and there. You can easily walk across little bridges and there are benches to take a break. Also, look for water fountains as they provide water from the spring.

The Blue Spring was one of the most gorgeous natural places I have ever visited.

Staying in Putaruru made it easier. Nearby, I visited Hobbiton and Okoroire Hot Springs, both very closeby to drive to.

Location: Putaruru, New Zealand

 Drive: 3 Hours from Auckland Airport

 Cost: Free

Have you visited the Blue Spring?

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