Okoroire Hot Springs in New Zealand – All to Myself!

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There are many hot springs in New Zealand but how many will you find with no one else in sight?

Okoroire Hot Springs is the place to go if you don’t want crowds and you want some sort of privacy!

You can visit it as a day trip from Auckland in about 2-3 hours by car. Or do what I did and plan a stay in the nearby Putaruru neighborhood where the Blue Spring is located.

These particular springs are thermal, mineral springs and are completely natural.

How to Get to Okoroire Hot Springs

From Auckland Airport, head south . As mentioned earlier, it can be a 2 hour ride without traffic or up to 3 hours if you have some congestion.

The Okoroire Hot Springs are actually located within the grounds of the Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel. Park in their parking lot.

*Important: After you park, go into the lobby of the hotel. Tell them you are there to visit the springs. They will show you the (short) trail that will lead you there. They will also give you a key which opens the gate to the springs and the hotel will hold your car keys until you return.

Admission is FREE!

The Springs Galore

The walk to the hot springs is quick as you pass a tree-lined path. After you pass the gate, the entire view opens up.

You will see areas for lounging around pools – ones you can put your feet in, relax, or get a massage on with the rocky bottom.


or others where you can go in for a complete dip.


You can see the flowing waters which feed the natural springs as you lounge. They are only right over the wall.


There are restrooms on the left-hand side after you enter through the gate. You can also change in there – it is quite spacious.

Bring towels or if you want to go for a dip and you forgot one, ask the hotel. They will ask if you want to go swimming and can provide them for you.

If you want to stay closeby, well the Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel has rooms and a restaurant/bar on-site! I did not choose to stay there only because I was on a time limit and there really isn’t anything in walking distance.

The entire time I was at the springs, not a single soul entered! I visited in the early afternoon (around 1pm) on a Friday. I expected to see others but hey, not complaining!

I loved that this experience is easily accessible, free, and completely beautiful.

Location: Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel, New Zealand

 Drive: 2-3 hours from Aucklans

 Price: Free

Have you visited Okoroire?

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