Visiting an Island with Almost Zero WiFi – Cook Islands in the Pacific

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If you are searching for a vacation with no Internet, there is the perfect place I can recommend for you to go.

But Angelica – I can just not use my phone, lock it, or not go online.

Yes but that is easier said than done. The pressure for many people now is to always check their text messages, emails, take photos, upload them etc.

I am one of those people. I am so connected, yet I have trained myself to enjoy the moments when I travel and step away from my phone. The pressure of me keeping up with other bloggers and social media is not worth my hurting brain and losing out on enjoying my moments.

So the answer is NOT to lose your phone or book a private island.

No,no, just head to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. It’s easy, affordable, and I promise you the WiFi there barely exists as it is!

Where is Rarotonga, Cook Islands?

Located in the Pacific Ocean, it is almost smack in the middle between Tahiti and Fiji.

One can book a direct flight from Los Angeles or Auckland, New Zealand.

 LAX- RAR – 10 hours flight time

 AKL – RAR – 4.5 hours flight time

What are the Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands are a nation made up of 15 islands. Rarotonga is the main island where most tourists visit. You can take seaplanes to other islands for more rural getaways.

Rarotonga is small as there is a bus that goes clockwise and counter-clockwise. The bus takes 1 hour to go around the island. Resorts, hotels, and restaurants line the shores. The inland is mostly rugged mountains, forest, farms, and trails.

The lagoon that surrounds the island is what brings most visitors to visit. The diving and snorkeling are accessible right off the shore! There are no over water bungalow yet (there is a resort in Aitutaki) but many hotels have bungalows right on the beach in the sand.

The Internet Situation

There is not much WiFi in the Cook Islands to begin with. Whatever is available is costly, works slow, and you basically run through your MG’s in minutes. Therefore, this being the perfect place to disconnect.

There was no internet service via my T mobile plan – and you know T-Mobile is everywhere! I got a message saying that text message cost 50 cents per text and a phone-call would be $2.25 or so. No internet offered.

Bluesky is the provider for hotspots on the island. You can purchase a SIM card but first you need to make sure your phone is unlocked. I tried to put one into my smart phone but of course, my phone is locked by mobile so it did not work.

Cards go for the costs of about NZ $10 for 150MG, NZ $25 for 500MB and other higher amounts. It’s so little, and remember you still have to find a hotspot which is not that frequently found.

Some hotels offer WiFi access that can be purchased via a redirect to their website on their phone. No SIM card needed. This can be Zenbu or a local provider.

This is how I got minimal internet. The prices were worse. I paid NZ $10 for 100MG and I ran out in maybe 15 minutes.

What you will get: expensive Internet which is slow speed with uploading or downloading anything being almost impossible.

You won’t get: any streaming, video, or you will run out of MG’s very fast!

Perfect right?

Once I ran out, I did not refill for more Internet. I figured let me ride out the rest of the trip and I did. It felt better than anything to NOT have to be online or feel the urge.

Have you been to Cooks? How was your WiFi experience?