Sunbathing and Surfing at Bluff Beach, Bocas del Toro

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Surfers are always fun for me to watch.

I do not surf, nor have I ever taken a surfing lesson. The one time I was serious about it, the weather was awful!

I do enjoy watching the surfers out on the ocean, riding the waves. It always seems so soothing to me.

While I was in Bocas del Toro, I had read about Bluff Beach and how gorgeous of a surfing beach it is. I took the shuttle bus to the beach from the center of town to check it out on my last day.

The beach was golden sand, as everyone had said.

It looked as if there were dunes left and right. Huge ones where one can hide at the bottom.

The shuttle bus from town was maybe a $5-6 roundtrip cost. The bus driver tells you when the return trips are and there also is a placard outside the stop to remind you.

Everyone disperses once they get off the bus.

Bluff Beach is big enough for everyone to find their own little spot!

Surfers have so much space – it is never crowded.

Unfortunately, since this was a surfing beach, I did not go for a swim or a snorkel like I usually do. I dipped to my knees but then the waves followed and carried me to the shore. Diving is not possible here, however the other side of Bocas del Toro offers a lot of diving!

There are not that many restaurants. Most are only by the bus stop so bring snacks and refreshments with you.

Would you surf at this gorgeous beach in Bocas?

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