Best New Accessory for a Snorkeling Adventure

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If you’re like me and you love to get into the water, then you need to check out this accessory that has become the new must-have item.

I’m talking about the new full face snorkel mask.

Yes – this is different from goggles and a snorkel that you put into your mouth. It also provides a wide range vision of what you are seeing so you no longer need to tilt your head up and down, or side to side as much. You can see A WHOLE LOT MORE underwater easily.

I have been waiting to use a mask like this as the videos online made it out to be so cool- and it is!!

At first, I thought the snorkel still went inside the mask where one would put their mouth on it to breathe. That actually is not how these full face snorkel masks work.

The mask goes over your entire face. Fancy right?

The snorkel attaches to the mask at the top of it.

*You breathe normally through the mask. As long as the top of the snorkel does not go underwater, you will be fine. My advice, bring some toothpaste or anti-fog to keep the mask fogging. That part does not differ from any other mask.

If you go onto Amazon and any retailer that sells outdoor recreation and water sports items, then you will see many options for masks ranging from $19.95-$79.99.

At first, I saw the masks selling at the top end of the price range. As some months went on, I saw more and more affordable options.

I chose to purchase the Huron full face snorkel mask which came in different colors (I went with pink) and retails for $39.99. I think that’s a good price point which shows that it is not at the cheap end, nor is it overpriced. It also is GoPro compatible and one can attach a GoPro at the of the mask securely. Mash bag is included. Price did not change for different colors (yay!).

The mask fit very easily and more comfortable than my other snorkels. The bands are soft so it will not break off your hair or get tangled. I felt less pressure on my face although the mask fit and did not flood.

While it is October at the moment in my home of New York and the beaches here have hardly any visibility underwater, I tested it in my pool.

Stay tuned to watch me use this in the Caribbean in the coming months. Then I can show you videos of me using it in clear water with all the fishies and marine life!

Have you used a full face snorkel mask yet? If so, which one?