The Best Part of the Lagoon – Where to Stay, Snorkel, and Swim in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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If you are reading this now, that means you might be planning a trip to the Cook Islands.

Or – you might just be super curious about this island paradise!

Rarotonga is the main island where tourists visit.

So why not know where is the best place to stay if you are a snorkeler or diver?

Here is the quick breakdown of what you need to know:


The best beaches are on the south shore.

Muri Beach – popular with a great town area!

Aroa Beach – best part of the lagoon  – calm waters + less crowds

The more north-west you go, the rougher the ocean gets. The ocean is very active near the airport, downtown Avarua and north.


The best is in Aroa Beach.

The water is always calm there and shallow. You will see reefs, fish, corals, and many marine animals.


You can go shore diving on the southern end of Rarotonga.

The Blue Fish Diving Centre offers this option. They are located at the corner of Aroa Rd right where the beach begins. You strap on all your equipment and dip right into the lagoon with an instructor.

I went diving with them off the boat on the north shore. Diving was great although the seas were choppy. I don’t get seasick easily but it was pretty rough out there as storms came once we ascended from our second dive.

What beaches do you love in Rarotonga?