Best Bike Riding Destinations in Bocas del Toro

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The most adventurous way to get around Bocas del Toro is bike riding.

Yes, cars are available.

Bus shuttles too.

However, there’s something about hopping onto a bike and riding down the dirt roads on the island.

The lack of pavement – is all the more fun.

Best Biking Destinations:

Playa Istmito

This is the closest beach to Bocas Town. Drive north and you will see it as you pass the Saigon community.

The beach is flat and there is a dock in the center, popular for hanging out on.

Playa Tortuga

Follow the road north and you will come past Playa Tortuga. The road is fairly easy to bike on still, and you will pass some nice resorts, restaurants, and coral beaches.

Paki Point

A great stop towards the end of the bike trail, before you need to use an ATV to go further.


This is the furthest you can get through on bike, give or take if you have a mountain bike or a beach cruiser.

This is very close to Bluff Beach, although Bluff is still a bit away.

If you feel that the road is too rough, or has too many potholes, don’t go any further than you would like.

Make sure to bring a camera to snap what you see along the way!

Happy bike riding!