Using TravelSmart: The App You Need for International Resources

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There are many travel apps that exist today, many of which do the same thing.

These apps help you plan your trips, get recommendations from locals, view nearby hotels with pricing and similar things.

What if I told you there was an app that recently came out which has a different spin on what we need when we go traveling?

It’s not about how to book your trips or saving your memories from them.

Instead, it is something that we should all have access to – INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES.

Makes sense right? We go off and travel, many of us internationally. Besides our flights, accommodations, and the fun stuff, do we know anything else about the destination we are visiting?

I am talking about emergency numbers, hospitals, medical centers, the language, how to communicate your needs (necessities – not beverages at the bar). Real ways to get help without needing to Google or asking someone on Facebook, then waiting for them to respond.

This is where TravelSmart™ app comes in.

The app is designed to help travelers in every country and is meant to be an “All-in-One” resource for emergencies. You can use it even when you are not traveling to view information in your own state/country.

The best part is TravelSmart™ app is free and does not require a log-in or account. The app comes to you from Allianz Worldwide Partners USA. But again, you do not need an account with them or at all. If you do use Allianz for any of your other needs, you can login and access your policies right there on the app also.

The Look of TravelSmart™ app

Finding the app in the Apple or Android Play Store is very easy. Type it in, and it shows up right away.

Once it is downloaded, this is what it will look like when you open the app.

If you do not have a policy, click “Skip” on the bottom and you are in. If you do have a policy with Allianz, you can log-in.

The home page of the app will look like this, and from there on you can navigate to all the resources.

The Resources

The TravelSmart™ app has a very clean, and easy to navigate look. Right on the home screen, I know where to navigate to for what I need to find.

The Country Information tab shows the Police, Ambulance, and Fire Department phone numbers. Since I only know our “911” in the U.S., this is definitely helpful. I would not know who to call if say, I am at an Airbnb and I see a fire nearby. Wikipedia information is at the bottom and brings you to the actual Wikipedia page of that country! The convenience has only begun.

The International Hospital Search has a hospital map (or you can view in List) for the entire world.

I am knocking on wood now that I do not ever need to go to a hospital abroad, but I know it happens! I see so many posts on Facebook about travelers asking for locals to help because they do not know where to find a hospital or treatment.

Embassy information has been added as well with their update, along with pharmacies and lists of doctors.

The RX and First Aid Terms tab is so important, I cannot believe I traveled without this before.

You can view the medication dictionary or translate first aid terms into 18 other common foreign languages. The terms are already pre-uploaded into the app and it is an extensive list.

I know if I got sick abroad, I most likely would not be able to communicate on my own. Or, maybe I would be able to, but I would be misunderstood by the other person or translate incorrectly. Here, I can tell someone and show them on the app, exactly what my symptoms are.

New Features

Along with all these fabulous assets, TravelSmart™ app includes real-time flight updates and boarding gate information, claim filing and status (if you have an Allianz policy), and the TravelSmart Hotline.

The hotline can be used for calls within the United States, and outside of it for both customer and medical assistance.

Honestly, TravelSmart™ app is a great app and easier to use than others that bombard each page with too much information. All the information that this app here is real, useful, and the most important when one really needs to be safe and requires help.

Have you downloaded TravelSmart yet?

*This post comes to you in collaboration with Allianz Global Assistance. All opinions are my own.