5 Things To Do In The Bahamas

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People all around the world recognize the Bahamas as one of the islands most representative of the Caribbean’s beauty. Truth be told, there are many islands in the area where you can enjoy idyllic white sand beaches, clear blue-green waters, and sweet cocktails served in carved up coconuts. But the Bahamas combines all of this natural, famous appeal with some of the best entertainment and accommodation options in the entire region – which ultimately makes it one of the best islands in the world to visit. 

The list of activities you can enjoy on the island is virtually endless, and for that matter, you may have the most fun when you’re simply lounging on a beach! That said, we want to point specifically to some of the most special things you can do on your trip.

1. Go Snorkeling

The Bahamas is one of the better spots for snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean, for a number of reasons. For one thing, as mentioned, it has the typically gorgeous setting including crystal clear water that makes it easy to see. For another, it’s an island accustomed to a huge number of tourists, which means there are countless different excursions and experiences offered. The best way to go about it might be to book a few hours on a boat that will take you out to sea a short distance where the diving or snorkeling is sometimes more interesting (and the water is still clear). However, this is one island where you can have a wonderful time simply walking into the ocean with a snorkel on also. 

2. Walk The Queen’s Staircase

Because it’s known for entertainment and resorts, the Bahamas can be somewhat overlooked when it comes to Caribbean history. As is the case with most other islands in the region, however, this destination has a very interesting history – and nothing highlights it quite like the Queen’s Staircase. This is quite literally a tall outdoor staircase, consisting of 65 steps and carved out of limestone by roughly 600 slaves late in the 18th century. It was designed for British use and is thus a symbol of how island citizens were often used by European colonists. However, its name is also an homage to Queen Victoria, who wound up abolishing slavery on the island altogether. The stairs are now a popular tourist attraction and are actually well worth seeing in person.  

3. Stay At The One & Only Ocean Club

It’s hard to pick just one place to stay in the Bahamas, but if you’re looking for a place you might recognize (as well as one that’s very highly rated), consider The One & Only Ocean Club. The 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale was best known for a high-end imitation of the Monte Carlo Casino, and actually warranted mention on a recent list of the best casino settings in film. But if you remember, the movie actually filmed scenes in the Bahamas as well, including some more casual poker shots at The One & Only Ocean Club. That adds a little bit of intrigue for a lot of visitors, and though the resort isn’t actually known for casino activity, it’s top-notch in just about every other way. 

4. Enjoy Atlantis

Atlantis is definitely a little bit gaudy, to say the least, but it’s also one of the most entertainment-packed resorts in the Caribbean. Known for a gigantic water park featuring all kinds of fun attractions and activities, it’s also a hub for casino gamers, folks who’d like to relax at a high-end spa, and even people who are hoping to book diving excursions (or booze cruises). Staying at Atlantis can be a little bit much, both in terms of expense and sensory overload. But you should at least try to check it out and enjoy it in one way or another because as gaudy as it is, it’s fairly spectacular also. 

5. Hang Out On Cabbage Beach

Truth be told, when you’re in the Bahamas most any beach will do for some relaxation (or casual snorkeling, as mentioned). That said, if you’re looking for the “best” Bahamas beach, insofar as there is such a thing, you probably want to land on Cabbage. It’s certainly the most famous beach on the island, though that doesn’t mean it’s crowded or overused by any means. In fact, as another piece put it, it’s as beautiful a stretch of sand as you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean.

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