Staying at the New Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in the Bahamas

I had the chance to stay at the new Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in the Bahamas last month.

It was right before Christmas and all through the resort, where wonderful holiday decor and happy guests! I for sure was one of those happy people.

I’ve been to Nassau before – about 3 years ago when I visited Atlantis, Junkanoo Beach, oh and that fateful day I got robbed. <—– The story right there in the link if you are interested to read about it.

This visit to Nassau was short but plentiful. I got the chance to visit much of the resort, enjoy their beach area (which is SO great) and go out to Fish Fry on a Friday night.

So let me cut to the chase – what did I think of the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar resort?


I loved it. Here is what to expect when you stay at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar:

Brand New

The resort opened in May 2017. It was under construction for a long time – years – and the final product was worth the wait.

There are 1,800 guestrooms, a casino on-site, 6 swimming pools, a BEACH sanctuary, golf & tennis courts, and much more. The rooms are as mini-suites. They come with a bathroom which opens up to the main room. Looking from the bathroom, you have a couch facing you, and the bed is on the other side. The rooms are very spacious along with a proper desk, shelving, and places to store belongings.

The TV also plays soothing music when you come in – I left that on the entire time.

I did not get a balcony, however, my doors opened up to a patio area with a table and two chairs. This was on the 7th floor where the stairs and entrance down the resort to the pools and beach area are. I know that being on the 7th floor doesn’t make sense in your mind at first, but it all comes together when you see it. The architects pieced it together well.

The Beach

My favorite place – and their beach (on famous Cable Beach) is great!

Long with multiple options for where to sit or choose a beach chair, you can walk and take your pick. There are shacks and access to pools no matter where you go.

Towards the west end, is where the water activities are – snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle-boarding which are all included with your room.

I did not know this but I headed out with my own snorkeling set (I always bring my own) and my GoPro (need the new Hero 6 that just came out) and found that there is a reef not far from shore!

You don’t have to swim far and you will see these homes for fish underwater as well as placards of what type of fish are in the area. There’s a lot of ground to cover and I could not finish exploring the entire reef but well done Baha Mar! No snorkeling excursion necessary 🙂

The water is clean, clear, and all the staff is very helpful nearby.

Amenities & Activities

Besides the beach, there are tons to do at the resort itself.

Lounge at one of the grand pools and don’t miss the one with cliff jumping. Play some games at the casino, visit the sanctuary, and more. There are events every week at the Entertainment Center and sports you can sign up for such as golf and tennis.

Nearby, you can take a 7-minute drive over to Fish Fry, which is the section in Arawak Cay that boasts tons of restaurants and bars selling local Bahamian food. There is no “one” place to go to. They are all next to each other, and each one is delicious. It’s hard to choose so sometimes it’s best to go with where you can get the seat you want, or whatever you pass first.

I ended up at Oh Andros with my coworkers. There, you can get 10 conch fritters for $3.

We also split a sampler of baked seafood and fried which included a lobster tail, shrimp, a cod fillet, scallops, rice, and veggies. It was huge and one of those plates ( $40 or so) can feed 4 people easily. Our dinner was not expensive at all.

Beers were about $3-5. I was stuffed by the time I walked out of there. Friday nights are the best and you can also watch the local Junkanoo bands come perform.


Of course, I need to mention the price for the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. The prices are not bad.

The rooms go for low-mid $200’s per night (and this is in the high season). This is really great compared to the $400 per night Melia which is to the west of the resort. There is no All-Inclusive which works because you can bring your own drinks and no one can say anything.

Some bars at the resort charge items directly to your room, and other bars accept credit card if you want a separate receipt.

I ordered two Diet Coke’s at the bar which turned out to be $12 total. Six dollars for a soda is a lot however, it came like a big fountain soda. When I and the coworkers mixed it with our rum, it provided us with 4 drinks so that is a lot of soda.

Looking at the bar menu, cocktails were priced around $12-18 which is normal for a fruity rum punch and such.

My tip – bring your own booze from Duty Free or a nearby liquor store/supermarket.

I loved the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and hope to return, especially for more snorkeling!