Being One with the Ocean – Wearing and Living a Shaka Lifestyle

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For all my ocean and beach lovers, I have found the new island clothing line to proudly wear – Shaka Life.

It’s easy to come across a ton of clothes these days, but it’s hard to find a line that I really commit to or believe in. So many designers are out there producing a million types of items and accessories (such as in Macy’s) and others are not voicing the meaning behind their line. Why does their clothing exist in the first place and who is it for?

Of course, I like to dress good, but come to think of it, I don’t have clothing in my closet that was made to “stand for something”, other than making a profit.

However, I came across Shaka Life recently on the Web and it brought out something in me – meaningfulness and faith in their style and in life itself.

Photo courtesy of Shaka Life

First off, if you are not sure what “shaka” means, let me tell you.

Shaka stands for “hang loose” and is a gesture of friendship, commonly used in Hawaii and in the surfing world.

Seeing the shaka sign used in their clothing, you might now remember seeing this hand sign in the past. As I like to say – Cowabunga, dude 🙂

With Shaka Life, tanks to shorts to hats and more are made with inspiration from the ocean. You will find cute turtle and stingrays – which I love and can’t find elsewhere. Their items are meant to express your free spirit.

Even though I was raised in the city, I know I have been an ocean girl at heart wanting to go out into the world and live freely. Anything that brings me closer to the ocean brings out who I really am.

Photo courtesy of Shaka Life

The Shaka Life clothing is perfect for those who love being out on the water, such as myself. If you are a diver, surfer, enjoy boating, then Shaka Life is for you. And yes, they make men’s clothing too!

The most important thing that stood out the most about Shaka Life is their mission:

“Shaka Life’s mission is to express the Shaka way and all it stands for – friendship, peace, compassion and solidarity – across a world that’s hungry for kindness and calmness.” – Shaka Life

I love that. It talks to me and makes me feel like I am included in this. I want all those things that are mentioned, and who wouldn’t?

Now, to take a closer look at Shaka Life’s clothing.

Photo courtesy of Shaka Life

In my opinion, they have a good number of items to choose from, without it being overwhelming. I enjoy their choices of colors and designs. I love their Shaka Life logo with the hand and I hope to see more ocean animals on future clothing that they roll out.

I had purchased the Flowy Turtle Time Racerback Tank along with the Relaxed Crop Top Mano Kihikihi Tank.

The first thing I noticed was how soft the material was and how beautiful the tanks were.

The colors were fresh, vibrant, and the material made me feel as if I were walking on water. It was that smooth on my skin!

Both tank tops fit me well and were not too tight or too loose. They definitely go well with anything from bathing suit bottoms to jeans to shorts.

The prints and logos are well done and the stitching is neat. I have bought shirts that cost more which were sewn together poorly. There is not only a cute beach flair theme going on here but also quality.

I love my shirts! I ended up wearing the Mano Kihikihi tank all day once I put it on. The turtle right now is my favorite. I should have gone for my pj’s – but I ended up sleeping in it as well. 🙂

I cannot wait to rock these out on the boat this summer.

So what do you say – will you join the Shake Life? What inspires you? Feel free to contact Shaka Life here to share your ideas and inspiration.

*This story is brought to you by Shaka Life. All opinions are my own.