Long Walks at Istmito Beach, Bocas del Toro

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The closest beach to Bocas Town is Istmito Beach, located at the northeast tip as you pass the Saigon neighborhood and its overwater bungalows.

Not known as the best beach in Bocas – it is not clear, calm water for snorkeling. However, it is great for surfing and long walks on the beach which I indulged in!

If you are itching to get to a beach without taking a ferry or shuttle ride from Bocas Town, walk over to Istmito. It’s about a 10-minute bike ride or a 20-minute walk.

Istmito Beach

This is the location of Istmito. You can’t miss it and you will see a big entrance to the beach on your right hand side.

There are not any vendors or businesses on the beach, but you can go back to the street and find restaurants located there for a meal and beverage. Chiquita Beach is a famous spot and in my opinion, every place will do.

I stopped into a random place, which unfortunately I don’t remember the name of now! It was the best local food I had eaten during my entire time in Bocas (however, no lobster but you can find the best here at Restaraunt Emily). The restaurants were big and faced the beach with many tables, but I did not see any actual beach seating. No worries though, you eat and then head back to the sand in no time.

Sunsets are great to hang on the dock with others or by yourself. You can see everyone coming on and off the beach, jogging, biking, doing anything and everything. That was one of the most quiet evenings I had to myself and I would go back to that dock again. It felt so calming to be above the subtle waves but be so far out into the ocean.

Have you visited Istmito?

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