The Best Snorkelling Equipment for Beginners

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For those of you who love the ocean, there is plenty to see out there.

Beyond the gorgeous views of the waves and water or going in for a dip, snorkelling is one of the best activities one can do at the beach.

I began snorkelling during my trip to Jamaica back in 2011. I had never done it before and at first, had no clue what I was doing. Luckily, my husband was with me and showed me the ropes. It may seem a bit unnatural at first breathing through a tube, but I quickly caught on and have been obsessed ever since.

There is no age too early or too late to try snorkelling. You do not need a certification or official lesson. I first started off with a simple set of goggles and a snorkel (the tube) part. However, there are many different items and accessories one can use to increase their snorkelling experience to be the best.

If you are a beginner, then here is a quick guide to the best snorkelling equipment out there for you:

  1. Masks

Photo Credit: Simply Scuba

If you are going snorkelling, then you need a proper mask so that you can see underwater. You won’t want to miss a thing!

Goggles are too small and will not hold the snorkel properly to its band.

Choose a mask that fits your face well. There are different shapes, similar to choosing glasses, so you can look fashionable at the same time. You can easily find different colors and manufacturers. Adjustable bands come with all of them so you can fit it to your face without it being too tight or too loose. I personally am a fan of Mares and Cressi which have great reputations and have never broken or leaked on me.

The new rave is the full face snorkelling mask. This really allows you to have an unobstructed view when visiting reefs. It works a bit differently in that you are not breathing through a tube. The trick with this mask is allowing it not fog up as much.

For those of you who wear eyeglasses or need prescription contacts, you can also get a prescription mask.

Fun tip: use toothpaste to defog your masks.

  1. Snorkels & Sets

If you are starting from scratch, purchase a snorkel set.

You will obtain a matching mask and snorkel together and usually they come at a much better price than buying pieces separately. Some sets go for as low as under £30 and can be found at Simply Scuba, which has many options to pick from.

If you already have a good mask at home and only need a snorkel, you can purchase that particular part on its own. This is also a way to mix and match different colors to your bathing suits.

  1. Fins

You will initially not realize this, but snorkelling without fins makes it harder and does not allow to float as easily. You can, of course, snorkel without fins. Going with fins is easier and much less hassle on your body.

There are different styles of fins to choose from. For snorkelling and to be able to fit a pair into your carry-on suitcase, go for the short fins.

If you want full length fins, those work best, however they are larger and will not fit into a suitcase. You will need to bring them in a duffle bag, mesh bag, or have them checked if traveling by airplane to a destination. I usually carry mine onto an airplane in a mesh bags as many resorts charge for rental fins. This saves me a lot of money having my own pair.

The other option to consider is choosing fins that you can place your foot in barefoot, or ones that require booties. If you want your feet to be warmer and protected from rocks and coral, go with these fins. You can use your booties to walk along a rocky coast as well or enter the reef easily without getting cuts on your ankles.

  1. Snorkel Packages for the Adventurer

Photo Credit: Simply Scuba

I love snorkel packages and happily own two at home – one pink and one blue!

If you know you will be snorkelling a lot, or want to invest into your own collection to have on vacations to come, opt for buying the entire snorkel package. This is a quick way to acquire everything you need for snorkelling with accessories included.

Look at packages that offer a mask, snorkel, fins, mesh bag, and anti-fog. Sometimes, a mask strap wrapper can be offered as part of the package as well. Packages can be found for under 100 Euro.

With having the entire snorkel package, you have everything at once, with one brand, and the style is coordinated to look great when put together.

What questions do you have about snorkelling? What items and brands do you use and enjoy?

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