The Best & Easiest Travel Drone You Can Get – Breeze 4K by Yuneec

It’s nearing the end of 2017 and you can see that SO MANY people own a drone. If you looked back at 2016, drones were new, expensive, and just coming out to be the new electronic and toy sensation. I remember flipping through websites and reviews to try to find one that was travel friendly […]

Five Adventurous Getaways in Iceland You Need to Experience

If you have not been to Iceland yet or seen the magical photos of the country, then you are missing out on one of the most adventurous destinations out there. Besides the famous Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle in Iceland (both must do’s), this is the ultimate getaway-destination that provides a great vacation for everyone. I am […]

Using TravelSmart: The App You Need for International Resources

There are many travel apps that exist today, many of which do the same thing. These apps help you plan your trips, get recommendations from locals, view nearby hotels with pricing and similar things. What if I told you there was an app that recently came out which has a different spin on what we […]

Best Bike Riding Destinations in Bocas del Toro

The most adventurous way to get around Bocas del Toro is bike riding. Yes, cars are available. Bus shuttles too. However, there’s something about hopping onto a bike and riding down the dirt roads on the island. The lack of pavement – is all the more fun. Best Biking Destinations: Playa Istmito This is the […]

Island & City Getaways with WebJet Exclusives – with a $300 Voucher to Win!

The holidays are approaching which means some of you are traveling to see family and friends or taking that coveted vacation at the end of the year. Whether you’ve got your getaway planned (or not) there is still time to fit in a trip. Islands, cities, cruises, tours? The possibilities are endless and that is […]