Hipmunk Hotels: Adventures in Alabama and Arkansas (the Gulf Shores, Mobile, Huntsville, and more)

The post below was originally published on ‘Mapping Megan‘. Arkansas and Alabama are two of the most naturally beautiful States in America, so it comes as no surprise that outdoor adventurers flock here from every corner of the globe. With plenty of adventure on offer in the sky, on the water, and on land, you’ll […]


The post below was originally published on ‘Frugal Frolicker’ on April 11, 2015.” Traveling in California? Consider basing yourself in one of these towns near Los Angeles and San Francisco: BAKERSFIELD Bakersfield’s tagline is “More to explore!”, which is encouraging to those traveling to California. One must-do outdoor activity in this town is white water […]

Hipmunk Hotels: Thrill and Adventure in Flagstaff, Saint George, Billings, and More!

“The post below was originally published on ‘Backpacking With a Book’.” The beauty of the U.S. mountain states lies in their diversity. Imagine climbing some of the highest mountains in the country or driving through a wide expanse of desert lands — or hiking through beautiful canyons and jumping into a blue lagoon. You’ll fall […]

Hipmunk Hotels: The Best California Destinations Along the Pacific Ocean

“The post below was originally published on ‘Go 4 Travel Blog’ on April 15th, 2016.” HIPMUNK HOTELS: THE BEST CALIFORNIA DESTINATIONS ALONG THE PACIFIC OCEAN Let’s face it. There’s no denying the warmth, beauty, and good weather in California, especially the parts of this awesome state that overlook the Pacific Ocean. What draws so many […]

The Best Global Cities to Blend Business and Pleasure

“The post below was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on April 14th, 2016.” Business or leisure? Why not both? For those lucky enough to travel for business, we suggests turning business trips into mini vacations, or what some call “bleisure” trips. The cities below are known for their economic prowess as well as their […]

Escape Dreary Weather with These Winter Surfing Destinations

With an unseasonably warm December finally giving way to arctic-leveltemperatures in January, it might be time to plan a winter getaway and rediscover the sun and sand. Escape the threat of snow by heading to one of the five destinations below, known as some of the best surf spots during the winter months! 1. San […]