These Mountain Museums Are Worth the Trek

On the Austrian border of Italy, high in the mountains, sit six distinct museums. Together, the museums comprise the Messner Mountain Museum (MMM) experience—an homage to mountains and mountain culture situated at six remarkable sites located throughout South Tyrol and Belluno. For those daring enough to make the trek, each museum can be accessed by (appropriately) […]

5 Fictional Destinations You Can Actually Visit

There’s something magical about seeing the real life setting of a beloved fictional world. These destinations draw travelers to places they might not otherwise go for the pleasantly jarring sensation of finding Tatooine in Tunisia or Narnia in Norway. Here are five of our favorite places that serve as intersections of invention and reality, mixing […]

One More Reason to Visit Greece: It’s Rebuilding the Colossus of Rhodes

 The 500-year-old statue of the Greek sun god Helios, felled by an , is reportedly being rebuilt bigger, badder, and more earthquake-proof than ever.  And it’s expected to increase tourism to Rhodes by huge numbers—maybe even helping to revive the troubled Greek economy in the process. While the project is still in the conception phase, go […]