Giveaway of “How to Afford to Travel to Paradise” Book!

Hi everyone! I published my book “How to Afford to Travel to Paradise” last year. It has been available in e-book edition and I got it into print right before Christmas! That means – it’s overdue for a giveaway so let’s do one now! If you are looking to expand your travels into island and beach […]

Underwater Adventures with Vidi Camera – #ActionCam

I recently coordinated with Vidi to try out their underwater cameras. After having my fiance use the GoPro I got him for Christmas, he is all about it but I’m honestly too nervous to use it without him. First off it’s a huge price tag attached if I lost it or ruined it, and there […]

Free to Pee: On the Islands and Beaches When NOT in the Water Using the Go-Girl

How many of us have had to pee in the beach and just went in the ocean? Raise of hands…ok that’s about everyone! Peeing in the ocean is wonderful. No one can see it, you’re already wet, and you don’t have to wait in line for the bathroom. Although sometimes, you just can’t go. I’ve […]