Giveaway of “How to Afford to Travel to Paradise” Book!

Hi everyone! I published my book “How to Afford to Travel to Paradise” last year. It has been available in e-book edition and I got it into print right before Christmas! That means – it’s overdue for a giveaway so let’s do one now! If you are looking to expand your travels into island and beach […]

A Two Tank Dive at the Rock Islands and Jellyfish Lake in One Day with Fish ‘N Fins

Palau is one of the best scuba diving destinations out there and like I said in my previous post, it tied with my #1 diving destination. I expected it to be that good. Or should I say – FABULOUS! I knew I had to go diving at the Rock Islands, which is not hard to do. […]

Great Barrier Reef – Scuba Diving Excitement and Disappointment

When I was planning my trip to Australia, I knew that I could not miss out on diving the Great Barrier Reef. For any diver, or ocean lover, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the top coveted destinations. Luckily so, it is so big that you do not fly into one airport to experience it. You […]