Least Populated Islands – Where a Population of Less than 5,000 is the Real Deal

Travel has brought us to many great destinations, wide views, tall rooftops, and unimaginable places our minds could hardly handle. As technology has advanced over the years, many are brought to our screens with the click of a finger. Off the beaten path and secret places are not so secret any longer. How about the […]

Top 10 Islands to Visit in 2015

2015 is here and so are plenty of lists of the top places, cities, or countries to travel to in 2015. Reading through the “Top Lists” from Forbes, CNN, Lonely Planet, and more – there are a  lot of amazing places out there without a doubt. I don’t know exactly how they pick which destination […]

Caribbean or Pacific Islands? – Which are Better?

I can’t tell you which ocean of islands is better! What would I be thinking if I could 😉 What I can tell you are some factual differences if you’re thinking where to visit next, so let’s do it:                                              Caribbean                             […]